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A divorce can be a troubling time, leaving someone feeling lost and alone. We are here to help. We offer a non-obligatory free first 20-min consultation with one of our Singapore divorce lawyers.

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What You Can Expect

During your 20-min consultation with our lawyer, he/she will:

  • Understand your needs
  • Give you an overview of the court process
  • Determine if you are eligible for divorce
  • Explain your entitlements and obligations to grounds of divorce, children, custody, property division, child and spousal maintenance
  • Explore your options and alternatives
  • Address your specific queries and doubts 
  • Determine which lawyer suits you in view of your circumstances, personality and budget
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Upon Your Engagement of Service, We Will:

  1. Actively listen to understand what you need and take into account all the relevant factors in your case.
  2. Determine if you need immediate action for protection. For example, Personal Protection Order, Expedite Order, Interim Custody Order, Temporary Visitation Order, Mareva Injunction Order to prevent your spouse from dissipating assets or an Anton Piller Order to seize evidence from your spouse.
  3. Determine the achievable goals in your case in respect of all the relevant issues – ground of divorce, spousal maintenance, children maintenance, division of matrimonial home, division of matrimonial assets, custody, care and control as well as access to the children.
  4. Formulate the most robust approach for you to achieve your goals. We may push for mediation OR we may strenuously litigate the matter for you.
  5. Discuss options for your divorce and help you understand the costs estimated in view of the proposed approach. We will take into account your needs and budget. Alternative approaches that can save you time and money will be presented to you whenever possible.
  6. Recommend counsillors and/or health care professionals when needed.
  7. If your case goes for trial, we will present you with the possible development or events that may arise in the course of the trial in the Family Court.
  8. Expertly guide you through every step of the case.

Expert in all areas of divorce

Our vibrant team of Singapore divorce lawyers combine rich expertise with care and empathy to walk you through a smooth-sailing divorce process. We are experienced in handling these divorce case types:

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