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 At Lie Chin Chin Family Practice Team, we thoroughly understand that each case is unique. Therefore, we put emphasis on customising our approach for our all our clients to ensure they feel confident about achieving a result that’s right for them.

Our specialisation is in family law thus whatever your case is, we believe we have the right resources to achieve the best solutions for you.

Our vibrant team of Singapore family lawyers combines rich expertise with care and empathy to deliver to you valuable legal solutions.

Described as "angels at crossroads".

We know the difficulties that surface from family disputes, especially if they require legal action.

We understand and we care. We aim to help you feel rested during this time. You may read more from our satisfied clients by clicking on the button below. 

With 25 Years of Experience under our Belt

You can be assured that we are well-versed and well-equipped with the knowledge of the best practices in family law to guide you through a smooth-sailing process regardless of the services you require.

Our International Family Law Expertise

We have an international network readily available to assist you with international family law cases. They will advise you on the most effective and efficient process for you, taking into account your unique personal situation.
Whether you are an expat or a foreign national living in Singapore or a Singaporean living overseas, we can still help support you with any legal divorce and family law issues.
If you have a divorce-related case, you may wish to schedule a free first consultation with one of our expert Singapore divorce lawyers.
Our team is led by Lie Chin Chin, a senior lawyer with decades of experience in family law practice. As a team, we combine rich expertise with care and empathy to deliver to you valuable legal solutions minimizing your costs of protracted litigation.
Where the case is difficult to settle, we are prepared to fight all the way for our clients.

These traits are deeply rooted in our DNA.


We believe that a person with good character can be trusted to work in the best interest of our clients. We recruit team members who have the suitable DNA to fit into our organisation as we continue to value good traits such as being respectful, compassionate, honest, responsible, courageous , creative, determined, competent.


We offer a depth of expertise across a breadth of areas of practice. This accumulated wealth of knowledge and experience is reflected in the quality of our work – our clients can see that in everything we do, we solve problems effectively and practically.


Change is a constant in life. We aspire to be a catalyst of positive change in the lives of our colleagues, our clients and our society.

Our legal services expand across all areas of Singapore family law

We are a local full-service family law team.
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