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Divorces in Singapore can be a complex matter. Our  team is experienced in handling divorces,annulments, separations, and all the ancillary matters that go along with them. You can tap on our unique and rich experience as we journey with you through the challenges and obstacles you may face in the divorce and ancillary hearings.

With a team of good & professional divorce lawyers, you can be assured of sound advice and who will stand with you and robustly enforce all your rights. We will be alongside you to process and work through the myriad changes as you transition out of your marriage.

“Informed decisions starts with wise counsel.”

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Our five promises to
We aim to help our clients feel like they can breathe easy no matter the time of the year.
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Our legal services expand across all areas of Singapore family law

We are a local full-service family law team. Apart from specialising in divorce cases, we also offer legal counselling for family matters.
Our divorce lawyers can provide you with the necessary legal assistance to make good and informed decisions.

Divorce & Child Custody

We provide legal counsel to help you through contested or uncontested divorce

Wills & Probate

We will ensure your last will and testament will be lawfully carried out.

Family Trusts

We will provide financial assurance for the continuity of your family's assets.


We will walk you through the process of adoption to ensure a seamless procedure.

Our Testimonials

Successfully got client two years of free stay at ex-spouse’s property, to ease her transition to a new chapter of life post-divorce

Our client (S) and her husband (T) had agreed to get a divorce but had bitter disagreements over a flat which was owned by T but occupied by S. We journeyed with the client and managed to procure a favourable settlement for S to continue staying in the matrimonial flat rent-free for a period of 2 years following the grant of Interim Judgment, so that S could enjoy a degree of continuity and not have to undergo so many changes all at once.

Successfully helped client to obtain sole care and control, backdated child maintenance and the return of a long-standing loan owed to her by her husband

Our client (X) was served with divorce papers by her husband (Y), in which Y made reference to X’s alleged unreasonable behaviour as a ground for his divorce application. Over the course of two mediations, we successfully negotiated for a watered-down Statement of Particulars, and secured for X sole care and control of the child, maintenance as well as backdated maintenance for the child, and the return of some monies owed from Y to X.

Helped client to obtain closure and a divorce from a wife who abandoned him and could not be located for over 3 years

Our client (P) sought a divorce from his wife (Q) who had walked out on him and remained uncontactable for a period of over three years. We helped P to obtain a dispensation of service of the divorce papers on Q. When Q failed to enter an appearance, we proceeded to obtain a judgment of divorce for P.

Successfully helped a client obtain 70% of the matrimonial assets in a divorce from an evasive bankrupt husband

Our client (A) sought a divorce from her husband (B) who refused to accept service of the divorce papers. In any event, B was a bankrupt and could not agree to any of the proposed terms without the Official Assignee’s approval. We helped A to effect substituted service on B, and eventually obtain a favourable 70% share of the Matrimonial Home, sole care and control of the children, and maintenance for the children. We then procured the approval of the Official Assignee so as to finalise the Order of Court.

Successfully helped client to resist an application for a Mareva injunction on her worldwide assets

Our client (C) had just initiated divorce proceedings against her husband (D). An insecure D sought to frustrate C by seeking a court order to freeze C’s worldwide assets pending the outcome of an expected long-drawn contested divorce hearing. We helped C resist the application with costs ordered against D. More importantly, we helped gain C the freedom to deal with the assets she would need over the course of the divorce.


Frequently Asked Questions

Divorce in Singapore is a legal process to end a marriage by law. It is often filed by one of the married couple in court due to several grounds and may or may not be contested by the other party.


A divorce case is among the cases we are handling in our family law firm, we have good divorce lawyers to provide you with legal assistance should you need one.

Lie Chin Chin is a law office in Singapore specialising in Family Law which includes divorce. 


We have a pool of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers to help you from legal counselling to filing your case to gaining a favourable outcome for your case. You can find a good divorce lawyer with us!

Following the Family Law being practised in Singapore, the complainant must have been married to his/her partner for at least two years to be able to get a divorce. 


However, there are instances when this will not be necessary. For instance, when the said partner is displaying dangerous behaviour that can pose threat to the family.

Below are the five grounds for a divorce in Singapore:

Adultery – considered a very strong basis for divorce as it violates clauses in the women’s charter and is a conduct that is not fitting for someone who vowed to raise a family.

Unreasonable Behaviour – displaying of conducts that is not suitable for a good family relationship like alcohol addiction, substance abuse, domestic violence etc.


Desertion of 2 years – leaving the family for good, cutting any communication and deserting the responsibilities he/she has for his/her partner and children.


Separation for 3 years with spouse’s consent – an agreement that the two will live in separate houses and will not communicate as husband and wife in public and private alike.


Separation for 4 years – when one of the parties do not consent to the informed separation or cases that don’t fall on the preceding category.

Yes. Singapore’s Family Law does not allow divorce without any proper grounds. 


Should you wish to file a divorce but is having difficulty figuring out a legal ground for it, our legal counselling can help you. 


We offer legal advice concerning the practice of Family Law.

Adultery and Domestic Violence are arguably the most common cause of divorce. 


When one party violates the Women Charter and displays conduct that is not fitting a married person, the other party often resolves to seek the help of family lawyers to file a di

Guides on divorce in Singapore

The procedures for a successful divorce can sometimes be hard to grasp for the average person. We want to help you understand. To show you that we care, we have designed divorce guides to help you grasp a deeper understanding of your personal situation. Our divorce lawyers are happy to assist with any further questions.